About Us

Our great-grandparents Matilda and William established the company in 1906. The ‘& Son’ was added in the early 1930s and we became a limited company in 1948. We are still run as a  fifth generation family business over 100 years later.

E W Moore
William Moore

Our Wallpapers

Our vintage wallpaper dates from the 1950s through to the 1990s. We have been supplying the Film, TV and media industries for over 25 years and our wallpaper has also appeared in many theatre productions and shoots for major magazines and Sunday supplements.

Matilda Moore circa 1906

Product details

Some of our 1950s wallpaper is untrimmed.  This means there is a border along its length which must be trimmed before hanging.  Due to its age it is extremely delicate and will require specialist handling.

Stocks are limited so updates will be frequent.  The wallpapers are 10m (33 foot) long and 0.52m (21 inches) wide.  Generally you get three drops to a roll.  Please give the dimensions of the area you are decorating with any enquiries.